This is the first glamping resort in Japan.HOSHINOYA Fuji.

This is the first glamping resort in Japan.HOSHINOYA Fuji.

This is the first glamping resort in Japan. There is a marvelous space harmonized with
the nature.

If you are interested with glamping now, why not come to visit one of them.

Maybe you still think that glamping equals luxurious tents, but that`s not true.

What a waste to locate the glmping with more and more Japanese elements as astereotype.


There are all kinds of different glamping styles in the world, and it`s important to
learn the essence by comparing with each others.

With the culture of hospitality “omotenashi” which is usual in Japan but special in
the world, it`s such a delight to have this resort facility built.

Let`s introduce the resort Hoshinoya Fuji for you.
Hoshinoya Fuji is a famous resort that is known to most of all Japanese.

Hoshinoya Fuji located in Fujikawaguchiko Ymanashi, and you will take 90 minutes to
get here by car from the midtown.

At this resort, you can see the best mount of Japan-Mt. Fuji and the different scenery
of four seasons. It`s a scenic summer resort fulled with nature that can represent Japan.


There is also a picturesque scenery with superb nature in Fuji-Hakone- Izu National Park.

In this area, you can enjoy the luxurious space and see one of the symbol of Japan-Mt. Fuji sometimes. And this is the real pleasure of the special Japanese style glamping.

The beautiful maple season will start from now, and the mounts will become so colorful and splendid.
That`s all the introduction. And from now on …

On your arrival, you will feel that not only the excitement of glamping but also the atmosphere of a journey.
The reception will welcome you at first and your anticipation will increase by this kind of arrival.

You can see lots of backpacks on the wall that you should look up. And the backpacks seem to talk with you. That is a space full with excitement.


Your journey star from of your selection of your partner-the backpack at this reception.


And at last, after you pick your important partner of the journey, your glamping will start.

In addition, there are more surprises. You will travel from the reception to the site not by your car but our prepared jeep.


From here, you will come into a new world.

The travel will be surprised, a little wild and excited, and then you arrive at the cabin for lodging.

As you switching your feelings during the travel, you will also feel the start of superb time. And when you arrive at this resort, you will feel the special atmosphere.


Getting down the jeep and enter the front, the dazzling green welcome you here.

And you will be attracted by the terrace in the mount instantly on your arrival and want to go into the grand terrace quickly.


The space before the front seem as a picture.


You will be impatient to wait for the guide, but you can take our welcome drinks to ease your anxiety.


The terrace to relax named cloud Terrace.
The way leading to the top area just like a hiking, climb the stair and you will arrive at an intimate space that you have the illusion of arriving at the forest.


That is an extraordinary experience.
You should not do anything on purpose, but your soul will dance with the nature and your body integrated with the forest, the air is so fresh that you will forget the passing of the time.

There is also an unusual chair in the cloud Terrace.


It will surprise you to sit on it, just like floating in the sky and the windblown will comfort you.

Close your eyes, you can here the tweet of birds now and then, just like a luxurious BGM.

There are lots of intimate space in the cloud Terrace. Diving into the space integrated with the forest, you will forget the flowing of the time.


The real pleasure is to spend time in the middle of the nature, isn`t it?

There are also some rocking chairs and hammocks in the way, and you can enjoy yourself leisurely.
You could search for your favorite place unhurriedly.

You will be delighted to arrive at the top area that looks like a mountain hut in the forest.

And another surprise await for you is this welcome dessert.

It is so abundance that you will forget the time spent to get here and cheer like a child.

There is also plentiful drinks for you.


You can also pick up a tour book in the library and read it at relax place here and there.


Then the stove and bonfire space will catch your eyes.
Gazing at the fire, you can spend many hours without words and fall in the charm of fire.

There are sofas and beds here and there, you could enjoy yourself in the nature as your please.
That is the special pleasure of gamping resort.

And you could enjoy it leisurely without minding the time.

We also prepare all kinds of activities in the nature for you .
Our staff are chopping wood nearby.


Asked by “Do you want to try”, you nod spontaneously and begin your challenge.


Swing the broad axe like a real woodman and chop the wood perfectly.

We also recommend you the smoking activity. What`s your image of smoking?
Bacon, cheese and salmon? At here, you can smoke with the local specialty of Hakushu-whisky chips of special flavor.

You can also cook smoking by miso and salt. Please try this smoking imaginable flavor!

You can also try pizza-making.


We provide a superb time of drinking the local Hakusyu Yamanashi whiskey in this “Bonfire Bar”.


You can enjoy this extraordinary world by gazing the fire.

And the cabin for lodging is simple and rough, you can view the Kawaguchi Lake in all rooms.
According with the number of guest, the style of the room is different and creative.


When you enter the room, “the scene out of the window just like a post card”, you will say. And the ceilings have both slope and depth.


You can see the Kawaguchi Lake from the bathroom.

There are also sofas in the terrace and you can relax yourself here.

There is also fire brace using newest style ethanol here, and you can enjoy yourself gazing the fire.

We also provide you with bluetooth speaker for you to play your favorite BGM, you can enjoy superb time here.

We can`t show the pleasure of glamping resort by one word. But it is absolutely that it`s one the best resort in the world.

One pleasure of the glamping is the luxurious dinner.
We offer you a member-limited dutch oven dinner in our special crown kitchen.

Our exclusive chef provide you with a special dutch oven course with fresh vegetables and meats.


The outdoor-style dinner in the nature and chef cook instantly for you with superb ingredients-fresh vegetables, lobsters and gibiers utilizing its special taste.

The dinner cooked by dutch oven utilizing the taste of ingredients.
At Grand Terrace, you can experience all things by enjoying the wild wind in Hoshinoya Fuji.

Except for Hoshinoya Fuji, there are also other dinning place that you can choose and enjoy delicious dinners.


The scenery out of the grand window.
The indoor style that enjoy the scenery along with the dinner.


Sometimes, our chef cooked in the open kitchen and all guests can watch the performance.
After the luxurious dinner,



you come back to the cloud Terrace and have a totally different fantasy.


And you can drink in the silent forest at bonfire bar


the cracking of the burning wood comfort you and there is nothing but the passing of time.


More than that.
We hold routine concerts with different performers by days, and the music echoed with the forest will bring you a distinguish experience and we recommend it to you.

A long and short day with lots of experience over here, and the next come.

You get up with a good mood, walk in the forest and wait for activities.


In the coldness of the early morning, you will take a canoe in the lake that just like walking on the water.


And I recommend you by myself to ride on a horse. It is one of pleasures to feel the harmony with the nature with a different perspective on the horse.

There is also other seasonal activities for you.

You will feel hungry after kinds of activities.

With the morning box, we deliver some flowers in the fresh morning.


To choose your favorite place as nice as the morning box, it`s the most fantastic experience, isn`t it.

It is a very delicious morning box and you will feel satisfied with it.
Nobody want to stay at this glamping resort just one day!

We sincerely hope that more and more leisure resorts will born in Japan.
If you book in advance, there are many discount plan for you. Please check it!

There will be more and more glamping scenes in Japan from now on.
But the glamping not equal the luxurious tents, to enjoy the glamping resorts that free from the formality will be a splendid experience.

We hope that there will be more and more glamping resorts where you can enjoy the pleasure of different seasons of Japan.




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